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Basics of Business: 20 Quick Hits

Earn a YEA Diploma by successfully completing our brand new 20-part video series covering the Basics of Business. 

Delivered online in 15 minute episodes via our own Learning Management System, Basics of Business: 20 Quick Hits not only stars some of the UK's most engaging, young entrepreneurs sharing real-life business successes and disasters, but also follows an educationally robust syllabus that is delivered in a way that teenagers enjoy. Think Tik Tok.  

Basics of Business: 20 Quick Hits is the perfect way to dip a teenage toe into the world of business and learn from the experts in a seriously fun way. 


On successfully completing the course, you should have a basic grasp of how a business works, how to design your own, and how to set one up. 

Our interactive course culminates in the presentation of a Business Plan which you will be required to complete as the episodes move forward.

With invaluable input from The Learning Room, one of the global leaders in educational design, real-life business reality is taught with incredible graphics, rapid-fire testing and purposeful, easy to understand illustration.


First Episode release: 20 September 2023

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