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Our Leadership Team are the people behind the creation of the Academy. They have invested many hours creating the concept, developing the platform and curating course material to make sure that each and every budding  entrepreneur gets the most from the experience. 


YEA Principal


Do you have the drive, ambition and personality to grow this truly exciting organisation?  We are actively looking for a full-time CEO to run the Academy on a day to day basis and would welcome your application. If interested, please send your CV to Tracy Kingsnorth at


Nick Dyson

Francis Holland Liaison

Nick Dyson has been at the heart of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy for over two years and has been a driving force behind the relationship with Francis Holland School where he is both Director of Creative Enterprise and a highly skilled geography teacher.



Head of IT

Squiggle, Argie's 'Bestie' and super obedient Cockapoo, is responsible for the smooth running of all things 'IT' within the Academy.  A lot more obedient than his friend, Squiggs is the stand out performer in his agility classes and is well placed to oversee our IT and Management Information systems. 

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Head of Syllabus

We're always on the look out for new talent to join our team and help in creating entrepreneurs for the future. We are currently recruiting an individual who can assist with building the learning experiences with relevant and highly engaging content to sit on our Learning Management System.


Tracy Kingsnorth

Chief Operations Officer

Tracy oversees the day-to-day operational functions of the Academy. She has been an integral part of the Academy since its formation and is also COO of Bluebox Corporate Finance, Bluebox Velocity and Bluebox Capital.


Lauren Smithie

Head of Marketing

Lauren is our understated Head of Marketing who has been instrumental in getting the Academy up and running.  A native South African, Lauren leads our marketing efforts for the Academy, making sure digital, advertising, communications and creative aspects are performing optimally.


Paul Herman


Paul is the founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Academy, CEO of two corporate finance businesses and Chair of an Investment business.  He has a passion for everything entrepreneurial and is firmly of the view that the kids of today will be the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.  



Financial Controller

Argie, a 6-year old Cavapoo, is disobedient and loves muddy walks, but has a real passion for all things finance and squirrels. He oversees the day-to-day accounting function of the Academy.  He spends most of his time in the accounts department sleeping, managing cashflow and chasing squirrels.

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