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Our Young Board  is appointed every 12 months and is made up of some of our best budding entrepreneurs. The Young Board meets once a quarter and provides guidance and feedback to the Executive Team on a whole range of matters ranging from course content, UI/UX design and growth ideas.

Claudia Woolf.jpg


Young Board Member

Claudia attends school in Sloane Square, London and is excited about developing a programme which will spark a love for business in young entrepreneurs.  

Favourite subject: Politics

Hobby: Spin class

Favourite Netflix show: Gilmore Girls

Favourite food: Sushi

Jayden image_edited.jpg


Young Board Member

Jayden attends school in North London and has a passion for all things business.


Favourite subject: Computer Science

Hobby: Music and Brentford FC

Favourite Netflix show: Sundays

Favourite food: Sushi



Young Board Member

Sophia attends a virtual school and is excited about helping develop an online experience which teaches business in a different way in which is taught at school. 

Favourite subject: Art & History

Hobby: Making props for movies

Favourite Netflix show: Stranger Things

Favourite food: Burgers

Photo .jpg


Young Board Member

Luke attends school in Wimbledon and is passionate about business as well as being part of a team.

Favourite subject: Geography

Hobby: Watching & playing sport

Favourite Netflix show: The Crown

Favourite food: Sushi

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